Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to sit down with entrepreneurs, athletes, actresses, coaches, authors, film producers, business owners, politicians, and world travelers who were on the path of achieving their goals and living a life of success. No matter the person or where they were on their path of success, from just-getting-started or managing a million-dollar-business, when asked, they each openly and honestly shared with me their story of success. My purpose in gathering and studying these stories was to learn everything I could about "success" for others were living and achieving their goals. I hoped that if there was one universal perspective or strategies that these people shared to achieve their goals, and maintain such a high level of energy and excitement in the face of setbacks and hardships, that I could apply to my life and accomplish the things that had sat too long undone on my goal list. The truth is I wanted, heck I needed, to know how they had made "IT" when others like myself have tried and failed. What was it that I was missing. And maybe more importantly, could I still get it? I knew that all I had to do was to model that behavior and the success curve would be collapsed into a single straight line, and I could avoid the failures and setbacks of the past. I knew this because, over and over, I had heard stories of people who had gone from the very bottom of life to become symbols of success and happiness. If I could just model what they had done, then I too could become one of those people that turned it all around. You see the concept of modeling. Says that the path of least resistance towards achieving your goal is to find someone who has already made it, study their habits and learn from them, and to apply the lessons to your own situation. Modeling seemed to make sense for me. All that was required of me was see, do, succeed simply. What is it they say "it is not always as easy as it looks on the surface". As I listened to and learned for these stories, some patterns began to emerge. Seeing these patterns of behavior and thought and words spoken made me want to listen and learn more and more. I become a success seeking junky on all things related to success and personal and professional growth. As I applied each lesson learned, I began to not only experience an external change in my life and business but a more significant internal change. I was happier, more relaxed, more willing to try new things, and when setbacks happen as they do in life and business, I no longer went spinning into the long song of "poor me it will never happen for me." For the first time, I was finally LIVING, not tiring to live, but wholly and honestly living in connection to those around me. Even the long hours working of building my business seemed to fly by under this new understanding of the lessons about success I was learning. I was living a Life of Success, not stuck on a hamster wheel of chasing success. How? The most significant shift was in developing a mindset that real success is a journey, not an event. Success is not something you do, it is who you become. And The Journey of Success starts with discovering your purpose and not copying someone else's plan or path. Only then, can you move into your personal and professional development and designing systems and processes that are in alignment with your purpose and your vision. It is as we progress through Discovery and Growth that we become deeply connected to the understanding of your purpose beyond yourself or your organization. When we arrive at Mastery, we are prepared to apply everything we have achieved up to that point to create significance and a legacy of developing the next generation of influencers. Results-driven individuals and organizations understand measurable success is produced by consistently working a process towards a stated goal. What I have learned and have seen repeatedly by both individuals and organizations is that when the process is connected to passion, results are achieved more constantly and often in less time with far less resistance. 

Are you living fully? Here is a simple quiz to help you understand how The Success Life Journey is different. Try to score at least 6 out of 8. 1) Do you know what you really want? 2) Do you know the playground you're playing in? 3) Do you know how to choose and maintain the best perspectives that will serve you and your journey? 4) Do you know how to align your beliefs and mindset with the right things and the right actions? 5) Do you know how to select the right strategy for each goal to serves the bigger vision? 6) Do you know how to act, think, and believe consistently to take action towards your goal? 7) Do you know how to lead and inspire others to succeed? 8) Do you know how to tell your story in a way that transforms others?  

When I started my journey to understand success 17+ years ago, not only could I not answer yes to any of these questions, I don't think I even understood the questions, let alone the importance of each question. Pushing forward with consistent blind willpower of habits was not working. In fact, it was emptying my bank account and leaving me frustrated, lonely, depressed, and exhausted. I was stuck in survival mode and would have remained there had it not been for the encouragement and lessons learned from those who shared their stories and time with me. I will be forever thankful to those who share their stories of discovering, growing, and mastering their purpose-driven lives and businesses. They held a light for me and continue to exemplify what a Life of Success is all about. They have shown me "NOW" is my arrival point of success.  

My sincere belief is that You and I, All of Us, Are Worthy of a life filled with purpose, passion, and influence. You and I, worthy of a Success Life, and it is never too late to start Your Journey of Success and NOW is always the time to start.