There’s never been a better time to write your book than RIGHT NOW.

And The Start Your Story Bundle Is The Perfect Place To Begin.

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This is for writers and storytellers at any stage in their journey who are ready and willing to finally get that book started, finished, and ready for publication.

Who needs a Writing Coach?

  • You have millions of story ideas in your head and nothing on paper.
  • You know that there is something you are trying to share with others, but you can’t get it out
  • Writing is something you can’t stop doing, but you lack focus or structure to create a final product.
  • You need someone to have your back in your writing that believes your story has value.
  • You wish you could share your stories with someone who has “been there”.
  • You need real and honest feedback because you want to create the right first impression.
  • You have no idea what happens after you write those first few words.
  • You need someone to hold you accountable (you need deadlines!) You want this Finished ~ Finally

The Start Your Story Bundle is the combination of having Writing Coach and an Editor

  • We start with Story Framing or for some Story Discovery
  • Then we meet each week (four times a month) for a one-on-one call for 60-mins coaching/editing call to go over the previous weeks writing and edits
  • Prior to each week live call I will have read and evaluated your submitted material/manuscript and prepared feedback/notes and edits for discussion
  • All calls are recorded and archived for your review and to aid you between live calls
  • Custom-made coaching program to fit your needs as a writer ~ No two writers are the same. I customize the coaching for each client based on that client’s needs as a writer and human.
  • If you are doing a Key Note or TEDx talk reading/ evaluation hours are submitted as video review.
  • Full Book edits and formatting and layout services are available once your story is print-ready
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Let Success Life U. and Skinny Brown Dog Media help you tell your story the way you want it told. 

Why should I hire a writing coach?

Writing your life story can be intimidating. Whether printing a book for your family or to publish to inspire the world, you have to choose an overarching theme and develop a captivating narrative.

Writing is a solitary, often lonely endeavor, and it’s easy to stray from your intentions. We can help keep you on task. Some people have an idea for a book, but have no idea where to start. Others have started and faltered as the storyline falls apart midstream.

A writing coach helps you identify your theme and guides you to explore, discover, and write words that matter, both to you and your intended readers. Your coach also provides critical (gentle) accountability to keep you focused right to the last word. Coaches help make the process of writing joyful.

Note: Coaching is different from editing in that coaches work with you from your first word to the last, or before you’ve made too much progress on your story, while developmental editing works on a completed manuscript causing you to possibly rewrite huge sections of your book, resulting in extra time, expense, and some emotional turmoil on your behalf.

Eric G Reid


I can help. My superpower (we all have one) is the ability to read any manuscript and clearly see what’s working, what isn’t, why, and what to do about it -- not based on “writing rules,” “technique,” or “wordsmithing,” but on what your reader’s brain is wired to crave, hunt for, and respond to in every story.

I will give your manuscript a slow, deep read, and then we’ll spend and discuss in detail what works, what doesn't, and what you can do about it.

The conversations are spirited, fast-paced, full of new ideas, and brainstorming. Rest assured, I will never point out a problem without offering specific solutions.

Based on each session, I will give you a specific writing assignment to help you dig into and develop what we’ve talked about, and begin to spin new ideas.

Unlike those other online "publishers/editors" I read your manuscript. I sit down with your story in my hand and walk through the journey the way you would want it experienced.

Your story is personal and yes the editing process at times might "sting" a little the Bigger Goal is for you and story to transform lives and I take my role in that very seriously.


  • Due to high levels of interest and the demand for "reading time" I am not able to take on every client. Please make sure to book quickly if you really want to work with me. This is not a sales pitch I truly only have so many hours in a day to give the detailed attention each manuscript deserves.
  • All Coaching options are paid through an upfront monthly payment. This is to make sure we are not wasting time talking about payment and instead are working on your manuscript.
  • This program is for those willing to dig in and get it done and produce a finished manuscript in 3 months.


  • All pages must be formatted according to industry standards: double spaced, one-inch margins; 12 pt. font; Times New Roman or equivalent.
  • Screenplays must be properly formatted to industry standards.
  • I must get all assignments 48 hours before our scheduled session – that way I have the time to really dive into them, letting them percolate before we talk.
  • This requires a minum 3 month commitment

Note: Coaching entails a review, not an edit of your work each week, though your coach will provide feedback to improve your writing as you go. The time devoted to editing at the end is minimized since you will work with the same person. The goal is to receive solid direction and gentle accountability to help you complete a beautiful first draft efficiently. Along the way, your coach reviews the content to match your desired outcome gathered from your answers to our Anchor Questions.

Can I really write my book in 3 months?

Authors who use the start your story bundle average between 3-5 months to complete a final manuscript. Remember each write and each story is different however at the end of 3 months following the process and working closely with your writing coach. You can have a finished manuscript.


Awards Received by our published authors and writers, many of them first-timers who came with only an idea and a desire to tell their story.

Peachtree Village International Film Festival 2019 Finalist Borodino Film Festival 2019 Semi-Finalist Cinemafest 2019 Semi-Finalist Page Turner Screenplays 2019 Semi-Finalist Page Turner Screenplays 2019 Quarter-Finalist Page Turner Screenplays 2019 Finalist Cannes Screenplay Contest 2019 Finalist Finish Line Script Competition 2018 Selected GLITTER ! Oklahoma LGBTQ Film Festival 2018 Selected World Series of Screenwriting 2017 Gold Winner Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards 2017 Selected Diabolical Horror Film Festival 2017 Award Winner Hollywood Screenplay Contest 2017 Silver Award Winner New York Screenplay 2017 Award Winner Horror Films in Hotlanta 2017 Selected Frights! Camera! Action! Screenplay and Film Contest T2017 Finalist GLITTER ! Oklahoma LGBTQ Film Festival 2017 Finalist Sunlight International Film Festival 2017 Finalist Amazon Best Sellers Rank:(across several authors) #1 Professional Photography (Kindle Store) # 1 in Medicine &&Psychology (Kindle Store) #1 in Self-Help &&Psychology Humor #1 New Release #1 in Memoirs (Books) #1 in Christian Self Help #1 In Christian Family &Relationships #1Black Writers Top 10 in Motivational Management &&Leadership Top 10 Business Motivation &&Self-Improvement (Books)  

The Answer is YES !

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